Our Team

We believe if you have, on board, people with a passion for participating in the company’s affairs, you cannot be far from the pinnacle of productivity.

Living up to our belief is Team MediaVision - a bunch of young, enthusiastic professionals who give their best shot to every venture they undertake. We are what we are because of the strength of our human resource. This section is dedicated to the teams that make MediaVision a reliable partner for businesses worldwide.

Creative & Design
The coolest of the lot. They visualise and create awesome stuff that makes your heart go gaga.

The nerds… literally! Codes are their lifelines. And yes, they talk in ‘Martian’ (that development lingo sound so alien… really).

The intellectuals. They can read and write for eternity. Words are like ‘food for thought’ for this team.

Interactive Marketing
Trendy and smart; these guys are Web Doctors. They treat websites. Google is their favourite medicine… for sure. They can survive without food; but not without our dear Google.

Account Management
The main point of contact between our clients and internal teams. Account managers get the stick from everywhere. Poor things!

Business Development
These people work day in and day out to rake in the moolah into the company. They have amazing contacts and know the industry inside-out.

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